Promote Revolutionary Technology That Lets You Cast Yourself As A Professional Spokesperson Without Being On Camera

Powerful Video Creator Infused With AI Creates Hyper-Realistic 3D Talking MugJams
That Look Exactly Like You From A Single Photo!

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Meet MugJam

The First Ever App That Creates 3D Talking MugJams Of Any Face On The Planet. Automatically. In Seconds.

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Jam-Packed Never-Seen Before Features

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3D MugJam Creator

The first ever MugJam Creator that can create Life-Like Talking MugJam of any person on the planet. Each created MugJam has unique facial geometry.

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Template-Based Video Creator

Professional and Custom Done For You Templates That Let’s You Create Videos Using Your MugJams Instantly.

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Use Your Own Videos

Add Your MugJams On Top of Your Existing Videos. MugJams will automatically lip-sync to your video’s audio.

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10+ Predefined MugJams

We hired professional models to create high-quality MugJams using MugJam. Users get unlimited use license with these MugJams.

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8 Template Categories

The most diverse set of templates we’ve produced so far. Categories ranging from Local Business, Ads, Quotes and many more…

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50+ Predefined Templates

These unique templates are custom made from scratch to fit the MugJams perfectly by our team of animation experts.

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Auto Lip-Sync

All MugJams created with MugJam can lip-sync with any audio. Mouth movements are designed to be as realistic as possible.

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Natural Eye + Teeth

MugJam creates super realistic Eyes and Teeth for each MugJams. To make MugJams life-like, the MugJams will even look around randomly.

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Natural Head Turns

The MugJams look and turn around randomly which imitates the natural speaking movements of a professional spokesperson.

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Green Screen Videos

Probably the first time ever, you can export your talking MugJams with green screen background. This allows you to use them within any other apps.

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Use Your Own Voice

Record your own voice within the app or upload a ready-made voiceover to the app and the MugJams will automatically lip-sync to it.

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Enhanced Text-To-Speech

This is the highest quality and natural sounding Text To Speech ever. We also let you control the voice Pitch, Speed and lots more…

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HD Output

Every video created using MugJam is exported in 1080P.

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Realistic Clothes Cloner

MugJam also creates similar clothes for your MugJams that you are wearing in the selfie.

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Multiple Languages

MugJam works with almost every language. Our Templates as well as Text to Speech supports a wide variety of languages.

1 Product. 4 Breakthroughs

MugJam is the result of a super-smart team of developers and designers who’ve worked tirelessly for more than a year to create four massive breakthroughs.

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Groundbreaking MugJam Creator

The AI behind this technology learns the facial geometry of the face to create a super-realistic talking 3d model of the person. This is the kind of technology you won’t find elsewhere on the internet.

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Natural Facial Features

We’ve overcome some of the most challenging aspects of creating automatic 3d models when it comes to humans. This includes realistic eyes, teeth, head turns and clothes that exactly matches with the person in the selfie.

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Stunning Customizable Templates

Our team of animation experts has spent months creating high-quality templates for almost every category you could imagine. These custom made templates accurately fit the MugJams and work with them harmoniously.

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Your Own Videos

For the first time, users can upload their existing videos and add talking MugJams on top of it. Users can also control the size and position of the MugJams that automatically lip-syncs with the audio within the video.

Create Not 1 But 3 Types of Videos. Imagination is Your Only Limit...

Template Based Video

Create stunning videos using our professional templates created by our team of animation experts and cast yourself as the central character. We have perhaps the most diverse set of templates you’ve ever seen.

Green Screen Video

Don’t like to limit yourself with ready-made templates? We’ve got you covered. You can render your talking MugJam with a green screen background. Import this green screen talking MugJam into any third-party video editing apps like After Effects or Camtasia.

MugJams On Your Existing Videos

Want to add MugJams on top of your existing videos? You absolutely can. This is a powerful way to get your face in front of your audiences without being on camera. Works best for the tutorial, gaming, and training videos.

Create Hyper Realistic Lifelike 3D Talking Videos. No 3D Knowledge Required.

Original Photo
3D MugJam
Original Photo
3D MugJam
Original Photo
3D MugJam
Original Photo
3D MugJam

A Template For Everything

We include over 50+ beautiful pre-made templates across eight categories. MugJam is not just a revolutionary MugJam creator but also a powerful video creator.

Witness AI Magic : See MugJam In Action

4 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider Promoting MugJam

Innovative Product Fused With Mass Appeal,
It's A No Brainer.

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MugJam is not only an innovative product but also has a mass appeal.

We’ve made MugJam as flexible as possible to serve a wide variety of audiences.

No matter what niche, MugJam is always going to be a powerful tool for mass audiences. It truly is a must have.

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V.I.P. JV Support

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Our team strives to provide the best JV support in the industry. Our team is highly trained and organized for handling JV support.

No matter if you can drive 100s of sales or just a few, we are always here to help and support you.

At least one member of our team will online 24/7, ensuring your questions and request gets sorted faster.

We can even design custom campaigns for you to ensure you get the maximum comissions.

Webinars, Retargeting and Much More...

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Along with prelaunch webinars, we are going to run massive retargeting campaigns to maximize your conversions.

Our sales pages and videos are designed and written by the best copywriters and designers that should result in high conversions.

The Million Dollar Funnel

This Is Our Battle Tested Funnel Proven To Convert

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The MugJam Affiliate Contest

Over $20,000 In Cash Prizes. No Minimums.

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Phase 1 Contest - (Day 1 and 2)

Phase 2 Contest - (Day 3 and 4)


.50C Per Lead (Minimum 5 Sales to Qualify)


We may announce new contests before and
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It's going to be big!

Join Us On 11th November, 11 AM EST

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